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About Us

Controller XXI is a company formed by a group of specialists in engineering that developed multidisciplinary solutions, covering technological needs in control, automation in processes and information technologies, with successful results, identifying opportunities to increase your utilities, and improve yout competitiveness.

We have resources, knowledge, ideas and information that help your business to be avant-garde, sharing our strategies and competitive advantages that allow secure in the market.

Controller XXI besides having experience in developing of Software for rotary tablet presses for pharmaceutical industry, expands its scope to other industries that require production control.

The commitment to carry out engineering development generates solutions with successful results always based on quality and service.



It is one of the fundamental pillars for the achievement of our objectives.


We seek to improve ourselves day by day to grow as individuals, as a team and as a company.


The commitment is both internal and external, to colleagues, customers, suppliers and our environment in general.

Resolution Capacity

We work to find the right solution, adapting to the needs of our customers.

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