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Design, development and implementation of automation systems.

This allows to execute the processes with a much higher level of precision than in a manual process, reducing time and costs.


Both the electrical circuit, as well as PLC and HMI programs are carried out in compliance with the regulations and standards in force that the industry requires.



Software and hardware modifications of old equipment, in order to reach the requirements that your particular industry requires, seeking to always be at the forefront of current regulations and the use of your resources without investing in the purchase of new equipment.


We provide various types of maintenance, PREVENTIVE, PREDICTIVE, CORRECTIVE, adjusting to the needs of each of our customers, thus avoiding unexpected production delays.

Technical Service



Contamos con instrumentos de calibración certificados y adecuados para asegurar el nivel más alto de requerimientos, optimizando el uso de las materias primas, como también la calidad del producto final.

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